Aug, 2017

PP Wayang Plastic Bag Achieves Halal Award

         LPPOM MUI regularly grants Halal Award to a number of Indonesian companies annually.  The 5th Halal Award was held at the International Islamic Fair 2016 (IIF 2016) – JIExpo Kemayoran in October 2016.  Every year LPPOM MUI grants Halal Award to companies that make contribution in education, information, advocacy, and facilitation of Halal certification in Indonesia.  The award is aimed to increase business community participation in socializing, promoting, and educating halal.

         The exhibition showcased Muslim fashion shows, halal foods, halal products, education and books, as well as travel exhibition such as: umroh and hajj.  A series of seminars, talk shows, fashion competition, film, food and education complemented the festive of IIF 2016. The IIF 2016 program had 5 main activities such as: International Culture Expo, Fashion Show & Exhibition, Halal Award Expo, Education & Book Fair, and Hajj & Umroh Travel Expo. 

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