- Education min. S1 Accounting
- Have experience in the field min. 1 year
- Understand the Labor Law
- Understand the calculation of PPH 21
- Understand the calculations and provisions of BPJS Employment and Health
- Mastering Microsoft Excel data calculation software

Duties and responsibilities:
- Calculate and prepare a list of employee salary payments
- Prepare labor cost reports
- Make a recap of changes in employee family status
- Prepare and report the annual tax return for PPH 21


- Age min. 22 - 27 Years
- Education min. S1 Civil Engineering/Architectural Engineering
- Able to document all pre-project documents up to project retention
- Able to update project implementation documents
- Able to identify project billing administration documents
- Able to identify materials and equipment that will be used in field implementation
- Able to make progress reports and curves
- Able to operate Ms. Office and Autocad


- Min age 30 - 45 Years
- Education min. D3 for all majors
- Have experience min. 3 Years in Manufacturing
- Mastering Ms. Office, able to work in a team, and have good problem solving
- Understanding of FIFO and Inventory Ratio and 5R
- Monitor all warehouse activities and make sure everything runs smoothly


- Age min. 20 - 30 Years
- Education min SMA / D3 for all majors
- Have experience min. 2 Years in the Same Field
- Neat and polite appearance
- Willing to be placed at PIK, North Jakarta


- Age min. 23 - 40 Years
- Have experience min. 2 years as mechanical/electrical technician
- Able to operate Ms. Office
- Supervise production/electrical machines
- Analyze maintenance needs and damage to electrical equipment/machines
- Make evaluations and reports related to observation findings
- Placement in Jatake, Tangerang



- Min. 40 - 45 Years

- Education min. S1 all majors

- Have experience in Bid. Purchasing min. 7 years

- Has experience in the Supply Chain Section

- Have experience in purchasing finished goods

- Have good negotiation, communication and analysis skills



- Age min. 25 - 35 years

- Education min. D3 (for All Programs)

- Having experience min. 1 - 5 Years in Logistics (Trucking, Freight Forwading, Exim)

- Having knowledge about Business Trucking

- Having the ability to Marketing, Negotiate, and Foster Relationships with Customers


Qualification :

- Age min. 22 - 35 Years old.


- Bachelor Degree for Accounting Major.


- Have experience 2 - 5 years in Accounting/Auditor Field.


- Mastering Reporting, Accounting and Tax.

- Have experienced doing Costing.




- Min. 22 - 35 Years

- Education min. S1 Accounting

- Understand the closing of the Company's Financial and Operational Reports

- Experienced as an Auditor at KAP min. 2 years and as an internal auditor at least 1 year

- Have good communication and cooperation skills

- Willing to be assigned to out of town 


- Min age, 26 years old
- Education min. S1 for All Majors
- Have experience in the field of Online Marketing

Job description:
- Able to make promotional planning
- Able to keep an eye on ongoing promotions
- Evaluating the results of promotions
- Making promotion reports
- Establish cooperation with various concessions and wholesalers


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