Internal Audit

The assignment of responsibilities :

  1. To implement an annual internal audit plan as well as quality evaluation program of internal audit activities;

  2. To evaluate the implementation of internal control and risk management system in relation to implementation of Good Corporate Governance in accordance with the Company policy and regulations;

  3. To evaluate the policy effectiveness and efficiency in finance, accounting, operations, human resources, marketing, information technology and other activities in each unit of the Company;

  4. To evaluate internal control, management,performance monitoring , efficiency and standard operating procedure systems in each unit of the Company, existing as well as future system that will be implemented;

  5. To monitor and evaluate the findings of audit, and submit necessary recommendations and improvements toward the implementation of the Company's business activities, system, policy, and regulations in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. Furthermore, internal audits will monitor, analyze, and report on follow-up recommendations;

  6. To form and submit audit report to President Director and Board of Commissioners with a copy report to Audit Committee;

  7. To carry out specific tasks within the scope of internal control that is assigned by President Director.

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