Corporate at a Glance

Djonny-Taslim Panca Budi Group was founded by Djonny Taslim in 1979 who started his career as a general merchant distributing plastic bags made from PP, HDPE and PE. In 1990, Djonny Taslim established PT. Panca Budi Idaman ("the Company") to produce and distribute finished products of plastic bags. The Company commenced its commercial operation by producing plastic bags in 1991. In 2003, the Company was awarded ISO 9001 certification for its production process management. The Company is an integrated company that manufactures and distributes plastic packaging items. The Company's business activities cover from the trading of plastic resin, plastic packaging production, and plastic packaging distribution both domestic and export.

The Company is the first company in Indonesia to have a brand on plastic bag finished products. The first brand introduced by the Company is Pluit and further develops other brands such as: Tomat, Bangkuang, Jeruk, Cabe, 222, Wayang, Gapura, Sparta, Liberty, Dayana, PB and several other brands. In addition to that, the Company is also the first company in the industry of plastic bag finished products that obtained Halal certification from Majelis Ulama Indonesia in 2013 and a record of World Record Museum of Indonesia in 2013.

The Company initiated its distribution activities in Jabodetabek and gradually developed to reach all of Indonesia. In 2011, the Company established PT. Panca Budi Niaga which engages in distributing plastic bag products manufactured by the Company. The Company distributes the finished products with several distribution channels, namely:

  • Distribution to retailers in traditional markets;

  • Distribution to semi-wholesalers to retailers in traditional markets; and

  • Distribution to wholesalers to semi-wholesalers to retailers in traditional markets.

The Company is also the first company in Indonesia to advertise on TV for plastic bag finished products and has received various best-brand awards from MARS. Tomat Brand has been awarded best brand award since 2009 with Platinum best brand in 2015. While, Wayang brand has obtained best brand award since 2010 with Platinum best brand in 2016.

The Company began to export finished plastic bag products in 2006. Its export markets are UK, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, UAE, Nigeria, USA, Taiwan etc.

The Company adds factories to several cities as its production base such as: in the cities of Solo - Central Java, Medan - North Sumatera, Tangerang - Banten, Cilegon - Banten. The factory in Cilegon - Banten is a factory that produces heavy duty sack as a plastic bag that stores plastic resin.

With the consistency of the business conducted from time to time, the Company has now grown to become one of the market leaders of plastic bag products that always gives priority to customers. To provide maximum service, the Company utilizes all its marketing, sales and delivery personnel capable of distributing to all marketing areas.

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