Heavy Duty Sacks

Our products can be used for packaging of :

  • Resin among others : PE, PS, PP, ABS, Masterbatch, Additive (granular products).

  • Agro industry among others : rice, cereals, sugar (granular products).

  • Animal feed (pellet products).

  • Fertilizer (flakes products).

  • Cement, calcium (powder products).

  • Oleochemical (pastile and flakes products).

  • Beverages (liquid products).

Benefit of Products :

  • Manufactured using European-made machines.

  • Good quality (not easily broken).

  • Safeguard products from counterfeiting and pollution.

  • Safeguard products from weather.

  • Products can be recycled.

  • Products can be sent in rolls (FFS) or packaging bag (Open Top Bag).

  • International Standard Inspection (ASTMD).

Product Specifications :

  • Product Name: Heavy Duty Sack.

  • Technology: Blown Film, Germany.

  • Printing: Flexograph.

  • Quality Standard: ASTMD.

End product :

  • BFR (Bag Film Roll) for high speed packaging system FFS(Form Fill and Seal).

  • Bags (Open Top Bag) for manual contents packaging system.

  • Shrink Film for industrial beverage bottles and cans.

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