Code of Conducts

Code of Conducts stipulation was an effort of the Company in building the values of trust, professionalism, and integrity as well as to build discipline, responsible, responsive, initiative, experts in the field, able to cooperate, sensitive and caring for the good and not abuse the position that was ultimately expected to grow the shareholders’ trust to the Company. The main points of The Company’s Code of Conducts are as follows:

  1. Comply with The Company’s Internal Regulations, The Regulation of Capital Market of Authority of Financial Services and Other Applicable Legislation.

  2. Rejecting Bribery and Corruption.

  3. Avoid Compromise for Gifts and Entertainment.

  4. Speak Up.

  5. Preventing Money Laundering and Fraud.

  6. Avoiding Conflict of Interest.

  7. Not having transaction when Having Insider Information.

  8. Fast and Responsive Handling to Customer Complaints.

  9. Confidentiality and Protection of Information and Data.

  10. Treat Employees with fairness.

  11. Transparent and Honest To the Regulator.

  12. Proper Attitude and Behavior.

  13. Usage of The Company’s Equipment and Facilities accordingly.

Socialization of Code of Ethics had been carried to all parts of the Company consisting of the Board of Commissioners, Directors, and all employees of the Company, including through:

  1. Administrator email had been sent to all employees.

  2. At the signing of a working agreement between workers with the Company’s management.

  3. The distribution of guidebooks.

The enforcement of the Code of Conducts contained in the reporting mechanisms that could be used by employees to report alleged violations of the implementation of the code of conduct to the superintendents. Such violations would be further processed if accompanied by data and / or accurate evidence. Sanctions would be imposed for each breach the code of conduct in accordance with applicable regulations. Throughout 2016, a complaint of code violations documented in an integrated manner on the mechanism described in the Company’s Whistleblowing System. Code of Conduct applied to all levels of staffs, members of the Board of Directors and the Board of Commissioners of the Company.

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